Welcome to Strong Minds Together. This is a support group to support men who are suffering with their own mental health, needing help or advice to support others, carers stress or suffering with isolation.

The group is open to all males aged 18 and over. This will be held every Tuesday at St George's Park, Thorncliffe from 7pm we will have professionals to give advice and a game of football if you wish. Be assured that everything discussed at group will be kept confidential so no need to worry. Passes etc that you will need to gain entry to the pitch can be kept safe at St George's Park for peace of mind. This is a free service, but donations will be greatly received if you can.

For many personal reasons, we are very passionate and dedicated with launching this group. The FA is fully behind this support group and hope we can get the communities support to help spread the word.


Committee members Rachel Harrison, Barry King, Joe Charles, James Jowitt and John Stevenson